About Our Company

History of JomMasukIPT began on 2007, where it were idealised and founded by Puan Siti Norazizah Busro.It existence are mainly on one purpose which is to help and educate students from different kind of level in terms of choosing and providing them with the right institution that complement their desire and academic qualification.

In the early day, JomMasukIPT are just a name without any physical existence and were fully managed by her founder. Operating with only few manpower and collaborate with only one private institution, it does not break her spirit to continue growing and striving for better future. April 17 2014, is a memorable day  because on this day JomMasukIPT are fully established and operating in an office at Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan.

With continuous hardwork till today, JomMasukIPT now had 12 experienced Education Advisor and collaborated with more than 15 Higher Educational Institution throughout Malaysia which will give students more options thus make us as a One-Stop-Center for student to access the options.


Our Vision and Mission


To produce a discerning community in terms of education and to become a reliable and professional academic consultant in Malaysia.


Provide assistance in terms of exposing student with up-to-date information and provide opportunities for students to further their studies based on their qualification

Our Expertise

Academic Consultation

Consultation will cover the area such as entry requirement to Higher Educational Institution based on students qualification

Consultation on finance and education loan

Consultation covered the areas of financial division and education loan that are available based on family financial status

Consultation on choosing the right Higher Educational Institution

Student will be exposed about the Higher Educational Institution that are available, accredited and complement their desire

Collaborative Partner

Vision College

Twintech University College


Asia Pacific University

FTMS GLobal College

Cosmopoint College

Asia Metropolitan University

University College of Islam Perlis (KUIPS)

Astin College